Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

What is ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Voluntary, consensual process that uses third party to facilitate the negotiation of a dispute with the goal of reaching a settlement agreement. 

What are the benefits of ADR

Most civil disputes are resolved without filing a lawsuit, and most civil lawsuits are resolved without a trial. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) helps people in doing so. Some of the benefits of ADR are: 

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Increase Control Over the Process and the Outcome

Why consider JGL for dispute resolution

Each of the neutrals at JGL Law offer a unique set of skills – legal, personal, and managerial. The attorneys at our law firm offer extensive experience in several areas of the law*. JGL Law will assist you in selecting the neutral whose skill set is most appropriate for your case. When making a recommendation, we consider each neutral’s substantive and process expertise, their personality and professional style, and how they might help facilitate dispute resolution. Each of our neutrals can be trusted to provide helpful perspective on your next case.

*Areas of Law include: 

  • Family Law
  • Estate & Trust Dispute
  • Medical Negligence
  • Employment Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial disputes
  • Civil Rights
  • Business & Shareholder Disputes

Attorney Neutrals

Jay P. Holland
Jay Holland
Employment Disputes

David Bulitt
David Bulitt
Family Law

Timothy F. Maloney
Tim Maloney
Commercial Disputes, Civil Rights, & Personal Injury

Andrew E. Greenwald
Andrew E. Greenwald
Medical Negligence

Patrick Dragga
Patrick Dragga
Family Law

Burt M. Kahn
Burt Kahn
Medical Negligence & 
Personal Injury

Jerry D Miller
Jerry Miller
Business & Shareholder Disputes

Paul F. Riekhof
Paul F. Riekhof 
Estate & Trust Disputes

Stephen A. Friedman
Stephen Friedman
Family Law

  Jeffrey N. Greenblatt
Jeffrey N. Greenblatt 
Family Law