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Posted on Thu, 2022-03-31 11:10 by Debora Fajer-Smith in Worker’s Compensation

When someone who works hard, lives paycheck to paycheck, gets thrown down temporarily – the system of workers’ compensation, established in 1914, gives him or her a fighting chance to get back on the road to recovery and gives them the opportunity to keep their family life on track. They do not have to expend great sums of money to sue a large corporation for an accident caused by faulty parts, bad maintenance or hazardous conditions.

Posted on Fri, 2022-03-18 12:22 by in Labor & Employment

Family businesses can become a bit complicated when looking into how labor laws apply to them. It can be tempting to take a more relaxed approach when employing family members, but skirting the line of legality can blur the boundaries for your non-familial employees as well. To avoid becoming entangled in any legal trouble, you are better off following the rules to the letter.

Posted on Fri, 2022-03-11 10:28 by in Medical Malpractice

We look to doctors and practitioners as professionals who are there to help and have our best interests in mind when it comes to medical care. But unfortunately, malpractice can sometimes occur. Medical negligence can be devastating and have long-term physical, mental, and emotional effects. It can affect the individual and their family and loved ones. From misdiagnosis to unnecessary surgery, incorrect dosages of medicine, or other malpractices, it can be challenging to navigate. Below, we break down medical negligence and dive into some cases you can sue a practitioner. 

Posted on Mon, 2022-03-07 10:06 by in Personal Injury

If you think you have a possible personal injury lawsuit, you may be wondering what the process is like, the timeline, and how to navigate it. A personal injury lawsuit can vary from state to state, and a wide range of situations can arise depending on the case. As a result, legal issues can be overwhelming and challenging. This blog will walk you through the process to better understand the timelines and what you can expect. Below, we break down the general timeline of a personal injury lawsuit, so you know the appropriate steps to take over time.