Daily Record discusses more allegations of abuse at Harbour School in the wake of Benevento’s case.

February 1, 2018

JGL associate Megan Benevento is managing numerous alleged sexual misconduct cases against the Harbour School in Owings Mills, MD. The Harbour School is a Baltimore County school that serves 120-140 special needs students and is under going scrutiny as more families come forward with sexual abuse allegations involving their child while at the school. The victims’ families say that in some cases the school failed to believe their children when they initially reported abuse to the school. Two cases are being officially filed and many others are expected as both teachers and parents are beginning to vocalize their experiences of the school’s lack of changes in supervision, admission procedures, and contact between children, after reports of abuse.

Megan Benevento is a civil litigation lawyer and dedicated advocate with deep experience in protecting and enforcing the rights of children, parents, and other individuals who are victims of the system. She handles a broad range of civil rights and general litigation matters before state and federal courts throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area, including police brutality, child abuse, domestic abuse, First Amendment violations, mistreatment of prisoners, significant personal injury, business litigation, professional and medical malpractice, and class action fraud litigation.

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