JGL’s Veronica Nannis co-hosts Ayuda Welcome Breakfast in Washington D.C.

September 25, 2018

Joseph, Greenwald & Laake principal Veronica Nannis co-hosted a breakfast in her capacity as Ayuda Board of Directors member that benefitted vulnerable immigrants in the Washington, DC area. JGL’s Maritza Carmona and Brenda Adimora also attended the event supporting Ayuda.

The event provided the opportunity for attendees to engage in an interactive conversation with Ayuda’s former clients, staff attorneys, social workers, Board members, donors and supporters. Attendees learned intimate details about the struggles faced by vulnerable immigrants, met Ayuda’s dedicated volunteers, networked with those who value Ayuda’s mission, and more. Nannis spoke at the event, making a plea for everyone to continue to support the organization and to grow the ranks of its faithful supporters this year.  

Since its inauguration in 1973, Ayuda has been committed to helping low-income immigrants in and around Washington, D.C. It has helped over 100,000 immigrants from 104 countries by providing legal, social and language services. As the daughter of an immigrant, Nannis has been a staunch supporter of Ayuda. Nannis and other attorneys and staff from JGL recently participated in one of Ayuda’s free legal clinics, which helped some 50 individuals learn their immigration rights. Last year, she hosted another educational welcome breakfast and co-sponsored Ayuda’s 44th Anniversary event. The organization recently celebrated its 45th anniversary and plans to establish a permanent Maryland office soon.

Veronica is a principal in JGL’s Qui Tam and Civil Litigation practice groups. She primarily represents whistleblowers who report fraud on the government in False Claims Act (qui tam) litigation. While she has experience in numerous types of complex, civil litigation, she focuses on healthcare and various kickback cases in federal courts across the country.