Megan Benevento helps a family seek justice for their special needs son

January 11, 2018

Associate Megan A. Benevento is protecting the interest of a child in the wake of alleged sexual abuse. The Harbour School is a special needs school located in Baltimore County, and the family claims that the school’s negligence allowed their middle school aged son to be assaulted. 

Since the incident, the boy has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and faces what Benevento calls, “an uphill battle.”

Benevento is a civil litigation lawyer and dedicated advocate with deep experience in protecting and enforcing the rights of children, parents, and other individuals. Clients appreciate her steady resolve in the midst of a crisis, her ability to develop an immediate rapport with everyone involved in a case, and her tireless devotion to understanding clients’ emotional needs and pursuing their realistic litigation goals.

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