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A few years ago, I wrote a blog about Uber and the possibilities of paradigm shifts and the new insurance coverages that lay ahead. Today, I am updating you on the major events that may very shortly rock the GIG world economy and change the way we handle worker’s compensation and insurance coverages for these “Service Connect Apps.”

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In a recent ruling from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Blue v. Arrington, Case No. 1036, Sept. Term 2013, (January 30, 2015), the court upheld the provision of the Maryland Local Government Tort Claims Act (“LGTCA”) which prohibits a local government employee from suing “a fellow employee for tortious acts or omissions committed within the scope of employment if the injury sustained by the local government employee is compensable under the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act.” See Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 503(c).

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The Commissioners prefer you do not file in the alternative. They want a nice clean case presented. However, you still have a right, and probably an obligation, in some duly contested cases, to file in the alternative.

In occupational disease cases, there must be a showing of industrial loss of use, often evidenced by loss time. One recent case involved a food service worker in a public school system. The worker was extremely dedicated and never wanted to miss work, but she was injured by a repeatedly broken deli slicer, which, on its face, sounds like an insidious onset over time and not one accident.