• Steven M. Pavsner

    "I have 38 years of experience in litigating complex civil cases, but when my clients have to make important decisions in their cases, I don't make the decisions for them. I give them the advice they need to make the best decisions for themselves."
    Steven M. Pavsner

  • Nakia Gray

    "I am straightforward, and I get my clients the best results possible without spending a lot of their money. I get cases resolved amicably if I can. If that's not possible, I am ready to litigate the case to the fullest."
    Nakia Gray

  • Steven B. Vinick

    "My clients can sleep at night because they know I will be guiding them from the beginning to the end. I work hard, I know how to try cases and I fight for my clients' rights."
    Steven B. Vinick

  • Matthew J. Focht

    "I am privileged to be in a position to assist clients in their time of need. No matter how large or small the case may be, each of my clients will receive representation that brings to bear the best of my talents and experience."
    Matthew J. Focht

  • Stephen A. Friedman

    "Few life experiences are more stressful or destabilizing than a divorce. The rewarding part of my job is taking care of my clients, making a difference in their lives and helping them find a way through this stressful time. My goal in every case is to leave my client better off than when they first came to see me."
    Stephen A. Friedman

  • Timothy P. O'Brien

    "I am most proud of the cases where I am able to obtain favorable results for my clients in a prompt and efficient manner. Each estate case is unique, and the families I represent are facing complex financial and tax problems at times they are dealing with very difficult personal situations."
    Timothy P. O'Brien

  • Jarrod S. Sharp

    "As civil rights lawyers, we provide a remedy to a group of people who don't find a lot of justice in their everyday lives. The world has put a lot of roadblocks in front of people. We are able to tear those down and achieve the justice that they're ultimately due."
    Jarrod S. Sharp

  • Debora Fajer-Smith

    "I am dedicated to the overall success of clients for maximum monetary results, as well as assisting them to return to a successful life after their injuries."
    Debora Fajer-Smith

  • Barbara Jorgenson

    "It's important to know the difference between being tough and being aggressive. I strongly advocate for my clients and also wisely counsel them about what's the best path to meet their goals. Litigation is not always the way."
    Barbara Jorgenson

  • Sally Presler McCash

    "My practice is extremely varied, but in every case, my focus is on practical problem-solving for my clients. We work hard to address all of the nuances of a case from the beginning so our clients feel confident and don't have to worry about problems arising later on."
    Sally Presler McCash

  • David Bulitt

    "I represent my clients the way I'd want someone to represent me. I find out what they want, address their worries and concerns, tell them their options, and advise them of the risks. If I'm unable to resolve the problems out of court, I am ready to stand up and fight for them."
    David Bulitt

  • Darin L. Rumer

    "I have a genuine interest in and concern for my clients. And that means that I don't just do the client's bidding. I talk through each decision with them and help them look at how what they do now will affect them and their children in the long term."
    Darin L. Rumer

  • Jay P. Holland

    "We are aggressive, creative, and knowledgeable about the law. But most importantly, we listen. We pride ourselves on spending the time to develop personal relationships that enable us to truly understand our clients' situations."
    Jay P. Holland

  • Jeffrey N. Greenblatt

    "My practice involves representing mothers, fathers, husbands and wives in situations that are more often than not fraught with extreme emotion. I function as the shield and lightning rod to make sure that my client gets what she or he is entitled to and is not being taken advantage of by the other side or the system."
    Jeffrey N. Greenblatt

  • Allison McFadden

    "The best part of my job is interacting with my clients, getting to know them on a personal basis, and having the opportunity to help them with something that they're deeply invested in and that affects their lives."
    Allison McFadden

  • Timothy F. Maloney

    "People come to us with very complicated legal problems that other firms might not be able to solve. We help our clients tackle major litigation issues in federal and state courts."
    Timothy F. Maloney

  • Meredith Schramm-Strosser

    "I find it incredibly rewarding to help a hard-working person who has been mistreated at work get justice. I am excited that my work helps restore a productive and safe working environment and enables the client to move forward."
    Meredith Schramm-Strosser

  • Puja Gupta

    "Whether my client is a business with a sophisticated understanding of the legal system or an individual who has never been to court, I make the process accessible and easy to understand."
    Puja Gupta

  • Walter E. Laake, Jr.

    "I'm down to earth and work with my clients to resolve their problems on a one-on-one basis. I try to personally respond to clients' inquiries, and I seek to create rapport above and beyond the typical attorney-client relationship."
    Walter E. Laake, Jr.

  • Reed Spellman

    "There's a lot of emotion involved in estate planning and probate matters. I'm often meeting my clients when they've just lost a loved one, or when family infighting is coming to a head. I take the time to understand their needs and goals, advise them with a cool head, and help them get a view of the bigger picture."
    Reed Spellman

  • Christopher M. FitzPatrick

    "I have always had a passion for trial work and for making a difference in people's lives. Medical malpractice work allows me to use my skills as a lawyer to make a tremendous difference in the lives of people who have been victims of medical negligence or have sustained serious personal injury."
    Christopher M. FitzPatrick

  • Brian J. Markovitz

    "Empathy is key to getting the right result for the client. If you can't put yourself in the client's shoes, you can't know how best to approach their situation. It's important that my clients know that I understand what they're going through."
    Brian J. Markovitz

  • Hina Z. Hussain

    "Clients rely on me to help them when they're at risk - whether that's a risk to their livelihood, their business interests or their rights. When our clients have a life problem, we are here to help."
    Hina Z. Hussain

  • Matthew M. Bryant

    "I enjoy helping my clients with situations that may seem impossible at first. We are willing to go the extra mile to turn a bad situation around for them."
    Matthew M. Bryant

  • Veronica Nannis

    "We take cases where the law is difficult or unresolved. We find creative solutions for our clients. If that means a difficult set of facts, we will try the case. If that means a principled challenge to long-standing law, we will take it to the appellate courts and work to get it overturned."
    Veronica Nannis

  • Jerry D Miller

    "Well before my first day of law school, I knew I wanted to be a business attorney. For me, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than seeing my client's business thrive and knowing that I am part of that success."
    Jerry D Miller

  • Eleanor A. Hunt

    "My clients rely on me to not only provide them with the best legal advice, but also to help them get through a very difficult time in the most peaceful manner possible. I don't just provide legal counsel. I will make the process less contentious if I can."
    Eleanor A. Hunt

  • Paul F. Riekhof

    "We provide a very efficient and personalized approach to estate planning. We figure out what people are trying to accomplish. We make things easier for them and strive to keep our clients happy through a difficult time."
    Paul F. Riekhof

  • Kara Fischer

    "We leave no stone unturned. I know every detail of every case that I'm involved in. My clients are not just bystanders. They understand everything we're doing in their cases and why we're doing it."
    Kara Fischer

  • Matthew Ling

    "My cases involve government wrongdoing, whether it's excessive force, false arrest or other police misconduct. Litigating against the government is never easy, but by taking on these challenging cases, we can move the law in a direction that better protects citizens' rights."
    Matthew Ling

  • Joseph M. Creed

    "I'm very thorough and straightforward. I give my clients a detailed, realistic and honest picture of all of their options, all of the angles, and the pros and cons of each approach. Whether it's my smallest case or my largest, my clients feel comfortable and confident that they are making well-informed decisions."
    Joseph M. Creed

  • Barbara Gilmore

    "When a client is out of work and needs medical care, she or he has a lot of questions and worries. We get our clients the answers they need and they know that we are with them the whole way."
    Barbara Gilmore

  • Bethany L. Flanders

    "All of our clients are treated as a top priority. We stay in contact even if nothing new is happening in their cases. They're never on the back burner or forgotten about."
    Bethany L. Flanders

  • Anne Grover

    "I'm highly responsive and available to my clients during a stressful time in their lives. I want them to feel comfortable and understand the process as we work together to achieve their goals."
    Anne Grover

  • Elizabeth J. McInturff

    "There's no cookie-cutter custody case. I am not an attorney who just looks at the paperwork and goes from there. I want to know the client and find out what they want and need from the case. I'm compassionate and I connect with my clients on a personal level."
    Elizabeth J. McInturff

  • Burt M. Kahn

    "My clients are looking for answers. I help victims of medical malpractice understand how the tragedy that visited them or their family member has occurred, and how to prevent it from happening to someone else."
    Burt M. Kahn

  • Levi S. Zaslow

    "My clients rely on me to help them obtain justice when they have been wronged. They appreciate that I am an effective advocate who gives them sound advice and prioritizes communication."
    Levi S. Zaslow

  • Reza Golesorkhi

    "I get the results my clients are entitled to under the law, and I do so in an efficient, respectful and collaborative way. I don't just use legal proceedings to get results for my clients; I also use creativity and common sense."
    Reza Golesorkhi