Law Students

Since the inception of our law clerk program in the 1960’s many of our law clerks have developed into associates, senior counsel and partners here at JGL. We continuously seek law students who are both a professional and personal fit with our team. As a law clerk, you will experience a productive learning experience. Upon joining our team, you will get meaningful work assignments and opportunities to interact with attorneys and clients alike. We only hire law clerks who are ready and eager to contribute immediately to complex matters.

Grow With Us

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For more than 50 years, people and businesses facing complex and high-stakes legal issues have turned to Joseph, Greenwald & Laake for sophisticated counsel with a personal touch. JGL places a premium on being more than just lawyers to its clients. Whether representing an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, the firm takes pride in forging lasting partnerships and investing in its clients’ long-term success.

Work On Cases that Matter

Below are a few notable cases:

  • We represent two surgeons who stepped forward as whistleblowers by filing a case against a well-known surgeon and a major hospital for alleged unnecessary surgeries and improper billing. The hospital settled its portion of the case for more than $20 million.
  • Two of our lawyers were recently named as liaison counsel and plaintiffs Steering Committee counsel to represent a consumer class in a major data breach class action against Marriott International Inc. The plaintiffs allege that Marriott compromised the personal data of 500 million guests of its Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide properties.
  • We represent a former occupational therapist who sued her former employer and several nursing homes for committing Medicare fraud by submitting improper bills. The opposing parties settled the case for more than $9.7 million.
  • We represented the campaign of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in his successful effort to continue using an apple insignia to represent his support by teachers in Maryland. The state teachers union had sought a court injunction to stop the campaign from using the insignia on the grounds that it infringed on the union’s service mark. A judge denied the injunction.

Grow Your Practice

We are committed to giving our young lawyers experience in client matters that will provide them with immediate exposure to a wide array of areas of law. In the more than 50 years that we have been in business, we have made a practice of taking on cases that are unusual and complex, many of which are the type of that other firms are unwilling to take on.

This means that a young lawyer’s experience at JGL is far from routine. We are not afraid to propose solutions to clients’ problems that may go where the law has not gone before. And we encourage our associates to think in those innovative ways as well.

We are also committed to assisting young lawyers in their professional growth. Many of our partners have been practicing for more than 30 years and have experience in the law of our local jurisdictions and in the courts that is almost unrivaled. Our principals and our other experienced lawyers are always ready to help younger lawyers increase their knowledge and expertise. In fact, many of our associates started out at the firm as law clerks while they were still in law school and benefited from the guidance of our attorneys even before they graduated. Almost all of our associates, in addition, are former judicial clerks.

Careers At JGL

We emphasize collegiality, integrity and professionalism, and we provide cutting-edge legal advice and services. We seek talented, dedicated professional staff and attorneys, and support their efforts to become valued members of Team JGL.

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