Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Is there anyone more qualified to run an ADR proceeding than a proven, veteran litigator? We think not. At JGL, we are known for making the difference between reaching a settlement and wasting more time and resources. JGL’s attorneys understand the responsibilities and inherent sensitivities involved in a matter that has been submitted for ADR.

JGL’s ADR attorneys serve as the catalyst for working constructively with disputing parties and their counsel to achieve a fair and just outcome. We are valued for our ethical, impartial, and balanced approach to problem-solving. We are also well-versed in identifying and dealing with delay tactics, disruptive and/or particularly sensitive and emotional dynamics, and difficult personalities.

JGL can also assist you in selecting the most qualified neutral third party for your case. We consider substantive experience, process expertise, personality, and professional style to be important factors in ADR initiatives. We bring a deep bench of experience to many specialized legal disciplines, including:

Consult an Experienced Neutral

Each of our neutrals can be trusted to provide a helpful perspective on your case. What matters to you, matters to us. For over five decades, JGL attorneys have fought to improve the future of families, the arc of careers, the success of business, and your most basic human rights. The attorneys of JGL take your business, family, and personal issues as personally as you do. We relentlessly pursue the outcomes you desire. If you need guidance from a Maryland ADR attorney, please contact JGL.

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Our attorneys combine deep legal knowledge with a caring, collaborative approach that protects both your interests and your peace of mind.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Attorneys
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