Criminal Defense

State and federal prosecutors will work hard for your conviction – which is why you require an even stronger and fully committed advocate.

Turn to JGL if you are the target of a criminal investigation, if you have been charged with a crime, if you have received a grand jury subpoena, or if law enforcement just wants to speak with you about a potential crime. In and out of court, we are your fearless, formidable defenders with the resources, skills, and experience needed to develop your optimal defense strategy.

We are valued for protecting your constitutional rights and for exposing weaknesses in a criminal investigation and prosecution. We work with experts to challenge the validity of evidence and we will locate witnesses and evidence that could exonerate you. We are aggressive courtroom advocates who consider all possible defenses, which including litigating motions to exclude illegally seized evidence and protecting your Constitutional rights.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Assist You

Our experience includes defending individuals charged with or being investigated related to the following crimes or appealing their criminal convictions:

  • Firearm crimes
  • Public corruption charges
  • Wire and mail fraud
  • Violent crimes, such as assault and murder
  • Traffic offenses, including driving under the influence;
  • Drug crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Fraud and other financial or white-collar crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Health care fraud, including allegations of medical professionals improperly billing Medicaid and Medicare
  • Juvenile offenses

Consult an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorneys of JGL take your case as seriously as they would if they or members of their own families were facing criminal charges. What matters to you, matters to us. For over five decades, JGL attorneys have fought to improve the future of families, the arc of careers, the success of business, and your most basic human rights. The attorneys of JGL take your business, family, and personal issues as personally as you do. We relentlessly pursue the outcomes you desire. If you need guidance from a Maryland criminal defense attorney, contact JGL.

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Our attorneys combine deep legal knowledge with a caring, collaborative approach that protects both your interests and your peace of mind.

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