Criminal Investigations

The moment you become the target of a criminal investigation, you need JGL. If you believe you are the target of an investigation before law enforcement contacts you, we can advise you on whether agreeing to meet for questioning is in your best interest.

Moreover, our defense of your rights throughout your criminal investigation could also be the difference between prosecutors filing or not filing charges against you.

JGL focuses on minimizing the impact of an investigation on your life. We will fortify your rights throughout the process while also focusing on dissuading prosecutors from filing charges altogether. We can request notification if charges are filed so that you can avoid arrest at your home or work.

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The criminal defense attorneys of JGL take your case as seriously as they would if they or members of their own families were facing criminal charges.

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Our attorneys combine deep legal knowledge with a caring, collaborative approach that protects both your interests and your peace of mind.

Criminal Investigations Attorneys
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