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What JGL Community Recommends You Read This Summer

Summer in here and this is what JGL Law community recommends you read: 
1.       Marion Holland
Legal Assistant
Author: Thea Lindauer

A fascinating book about a woman who was one of the children involved in the 1000 children project during World Wars I and II. It’s a compilation of letters between her and her father (and her memories). I met the author at a book club in which her granddaughter participates. The author is 97 years old and is absolutely amazing.

2.       Steven Pavsner
Attorney at Law
Author: Candice Millard

Fascinating intersection of history, politics, medicine and science in 19th century America.

3.       P. Lindsay Parvis
Attorney at Law
Book: Becoming
Author: Michelle Obama

I listened to the Audible version read by the author herself.  It is a much-needed dose of inspiration, while subtly interweaving deeper issues of class, economics, gender, and race (to name a few) into her personal journey of achieving the American dream from quite humble circumstances.  She is incredibly relatable, despite her extraordinary life, and provides fascinating insight into life in the White House (actually living in it) and as First Lady.  Reading tip:  Each chapter stands alone, so it’s easy to pick up, put down, and come back to without losing the thread (but, that’s unlikely to happen if others find it as compelling as I did!).

4.       Lynn Cooley
Legal Assistant
Author: Jane Austen

I like reading classics and usually read my favorites at least once a year. I like this one because it reminds me of why I believe in love.

5.       Jeffrey Hannon
Attorney at Law
Author: Louise Penny

I think all books by Louise Penny are beautifully written and the characters expertly drawn. On top of that, I can never figure out ‘who did it’ until she lets you know. The mystery is resolved in each book but the characters are developed as the series progresses so it is best to start at the beginning. That would be “Still Life”. The main character is Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surete du Quebec (Homicide) department. No deep thinking, no inspiration just a real good time.

6.       Steven B. Vinick
Attorney at Law
Author: Jonathan Tropper
It’s funny and heartwarming.
7.       Jackson Caesar
Author: David Grann

What I fascinated me the most about this book is the fact that this actually happened. The author shares detailed occurrences that paint vivid pictures, so much that you forget you’re actually reading a book, and feel like it is rather a mystery movie.  Make sure you have your ice-cream or a bottle of wine when reading this one.

8.       Portia C. John
Administrative Assistant
Author: Oscar Wilde

I believe it really makes the reader think about how their actions, attitudes, and thoughts about themselves may not be what others see when they look at them. It is not merely what people do that affects how others see them, it’s the motivation behind why they are doing it. Is someone donating to charity because it’s a tax write off? Or are they doing it out of genuine concern? Is someone giving to the poor because it looks good to onlookers? Or because is it because it is a cause that is dear to them? Dorian Gray makes a deal with the devil (so to speak); trading his soul for eternal youth. He asked that the painting of him age, and that he should stay forever 21 (no pun intended). As time goes by, the painting does not only age due to the passage of time, but according to the deeds that Dorian commits (most of which are not good, thus making the painting look like a horrid, disfigured remnant of who he used to be).

9.       David Bulitt
Attorney at Law
Author: Hampton Sides
An incredible true story of a US government backed post- civil War attempt to reach the North Pole. Stupidity, bluster, ingenuity and bravery all rolled into one. I could not put it down.
10.   Celeste A. Cunningham
Author: Anne Lamott

Because we all need encouragement to keep going on. Never give up.

11.   Debora Fajer-Smith
Attorney at Law
Author: Mark T. Sullivan

Based on the true story of a forgotten hero, Beneath a Scarlet Sky is the triumphant, epic tale of one young man’s incredible courage and resilience during one of history’s darkest hours. Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis.

12.   Tanvi Rastogi
Marketing Manager
Author: Kristin Hannah

The best kind of books are those that evoke strong emotions and make you feel. Among my favorites are books that made me think about life, fall in love, and ripped me to pieces and left me in tears. The Nightingale managed to do all of those things. This is one of the most memorable stories I had read last year. It is such a moving, strong and inspiring tale of survival, love and female heroism during World War II. I felt as if I went on the journey with the characters, and that I lived those years with them.

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