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Five Questions With Reza Golesorkhi

Reza Golesorkhi

1.       What made you become a lawyer?

My college professor was a personal injury lawyer and taught a course called Legal Aspects of Medicine.  He soon became a mentor.  I then was applying to Medical School but my wife got pregnant which changed my career path as Medicine would take 12 + years and Law took only 3 years. Hence, I chose law. 

2.       What will be the biggest challenge for the generation behind you?

Billable hours.  Most lawyers earn money on how they bill.  With the advancement of technology, we work much faster and efficiently, as a result the new generation takes less time to write a pleading. The negative part of this is that I think the new generation is less prepared for litigation as they are doing virtually everything on-line and miss important legal concepts and facts that are on paper.

3.       What is the most interesting case you’ve ever had?

I had represented a prominent football coach. That’s all I can reveal.

4.       How do you measure success?

What others say about you when you are not around, especially professionally is extremely important. I measure success through one’s reputation.

5.       What do you look forward to when you go to work every day?

I look forward to leaving the office. Jokes aside, I look forward to a productive day and then getting back to my kids.

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