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Maryland Automobile Insurance Coverage – Minimum Requirements




If you own and drive a motor vehicle on the roads in the State of Maryland, you probably know that the law requires you to carry insurance on the vehicle.  But do you know how much and what kinds of coverage you are required to carry? The State of Maryland requires vehicle owners to carry the following coverage[1]:

  • LIABILITY for the payment of claims for bodily injury or death arising from an accident up to $30,000 for any one person and up to $60,000 for any two or more person;
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY for payment of claims for property of another damaged or destroyed in an accident of up to $15,000; and
  • UNINSURED MOTORIST equal to the minimum amount of Liability Coverage;

In addition to the above, insurers in the State of Maryland are required to offer coverage for  medical, hospital and disability benefits known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) up to a minimum of $2,500.  A vehicle owner can elect to waive this coverage, but we strongly recommend that you not do that.  PIP coverage, which is also sometimes referred to as “no-fault insurance,” is available to anyone who is injured in an automobile accident, even the person who caused the accident.  It pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses that arise from a motor vehicle accident as well as 85% of income lost.

[1] Md. Transportation Code Ann § 17 et seq. and Md. Insurance Code Ann § 19 et seq.  

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