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JGL Law for You Legal Podcast Roundup, Season Two, 2021

Season 2

Welcome to the season two recap of JGL Law for You, our legal podcast. Season two ran throughout 2021 and featured a wide range of topics to help you with legal issues relating to family law, real estate, and COVID-19. To quickly find the information you need, review the podcasts below.

COVID-19 Podcasts

COVID-19 has touched countless areas of our lives. We dedicated multiple podcasts to the topic to provide you with expert guidance to help you stay safe and financially secure:

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Family Law Podcasts

During 2021, we discussed some key topics relating to family law and divorce.

In our podcast on divorce, infidelity, harassment and the workplace we explored concerns relating to workplace break-ups, harassment at the workplace by an ex-partner, and how to handle a spouse’s affair with a coworker.

We also recorded a podcast on mutual consent divorce, outlining what it is, what the requirements are, and in what ways it is beneficial.

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Real Estate Podcasts

Another key podcast this season answered the question “How can pre-sale renovation help the sellers and realtors?”

Here, we also explored what happens if you house doesn’t sell, what the contract signed by the sellers looks like and what happens in the event of divorce-related delays.

For any similar concerns, the team at JGL Law is here to help – send us a message.

Legal Podcasts on Topical Issues

With 50+ years of experience, we are here to guide our listeners with legal insight designed to help them make beneficial decisions. Some additional legal podcasts this season include:

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