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We represent two surgeons who stepped forward as whistleblowers by filing a case against a well-known surgeon and a major hospital for alleged unnecessary surgeries and improper billing. The hospital settled its portion of the case for more than $20 million.

Two of our lawyers were recently named as liaison counsel and plaintiffs Steering Committee counsel to represent a consumer class in a major data breach class action against Marriott International Inc. The plaintiffs allege that Marriott compromised the personal data of 500 million guests of its Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide properties.

We represent a former occupational therapist who sued her former employer and several nursing homes for committing Medicare fraud by submitting improper bills. The opposing parties settled the case for more than $9.7 million.

We represented the campaign of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in his successful effort to continue using an apple insignia to represent his support by teachers in Maryland. The state teachers union had sought a court injunction to stop the campaign from using the insignia on the grounds that it infringed on the union’s service mark. A judge denied the injunction.

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Five Questions With Darin L. Rumer

ByDarin L. Rumer in Five Questions, Family Law October 14th, 2019

 1.       What made you become a lawyer?

In college (in the South), I studied psychology and sociology.  I wanted to become a family counselor.  I took a job on weekends and in the summer working at a group home for underprivileged children.  After witnessing a friend and colleague being racially discriminated against, firsthand, it motivated me to use my influence in law for social good.  The next semester I started to study for the LSAT and to look at law schools.  I’ve been practicing law for almost 20 years and I still look to protect the disenfranchised.

2.       What will be the biggest challenge for the generation behind you?

I think that dealing with electronically generated evidence is a huge challenge for the generation behind me.  First, it produces an enormous amount of evidence such as hundreds of text messages and emails.  The challenge lies in the fact that no matter what you say online, in emails, or in text to anyone, it may be used against your client in Court when presented in a different context. While preparing for trial, you need to consider having the text message to rebut any unforeseen electronic evidence prepared and copied in triplicate. There is also a huge concern where a party may seek to add or delete from actual documents to rewrite the history to suit his or her narrative. 

3.       What is the most interesting case you’ve ever had?

Personally the most rewarding cases are those with children. But, I think the most interesting case is a non-custody case where my client’s wife suspected adultery (although he was not committing adultery).  The wife moved her mother into the master bedroom to sleep with her and dislodge my client. Each day the mother in law had nasty comments to make to my client passing him in the hallway, on the stairs, in the kitchen and throughout the house. He was relegated to sleeping in a guest bedroom. Not satisfied, the mother in law started openly talking about emasculating my client and started carrying hedge trimmers around the home. He was mortified and locked himself in the guest room.  When she started beating on the door, he appropriately called 911. While he was on the phone, fearing the worst, you could hear the wife and mother in law beating on the door and then broke it down with an axe.

I filed a Petition for a Protective Order. Wife claimed the instrument in her hands was small.  However, I took four bankers boxes (usually used to carry our paper files) and hollowed out a hole through the middle and carted in the axe she beat the door in so I could cross-examine her with the actual object she used and photographs of the door.  I won the hearing and my client had some therapy as the result. 

4.       How do you measure success?

It’s very subjective to measure success in litigation and in family law, specifically.  I measure my success in terms of time management, my own personal preparation for a case, and winning motions.  Success to me is when I believe I’ve gave it my best effort whether in a case or in life.

5.       What do you look forward to when you go to work every day?

I look forward to the people I work with. I cannot imagine doing my work efficiently without the help of my team (my colleagues, peer attorneys at the firm, paralegals, administrative assistants, legal assistants). There is so much more that can be accomplished by working as a team which also makes the work more rewarding.

Darin L. Rumer

Darin L. Rumer is a Principal in Joseph, Greenwald & Laake’s Family Law practice group. Mr. Rumer has successfully tried multiple divorce, custody and child support cases throughout the state of Maryland and routinely provides counsel to clients as they navigate a difficult and stressful time in their lives. Mr. Rumer’s calm demeanor and ability to diffuse tense situations has earned him accolades from mediators, judges, clients and opposing parties. A dedicated advocate, Mr. Rumer is willing to go to the mat, but he also understands that a negotiated resolution is in many clients’ best interest. Mr. Rumer routinely advises and represents clients in family law matters including child custody and divorce litigation, separation agreements, child support and alimony issues, property distribution issues, domestic violence, and other areas of family law.

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