JGL Law for You Legal Podcast Roundup, Season One, 2020

June 30th, 2022

Our in-house legal podcast, JGL Law for You, is a great source of knowledge for anyone facing personal and legal challenges. To help you find the information you need, we’ve created this helpful recap highlighting the topics discussed during 2020.

Divorce & Family Law Podcasts

Divorce is stressful, but trustworthy legal advice and guidance from a reputable attorney can help you ensure you make it through the process with the best prospects ahead of you.

This season, we covered topics relating to divorce and family, as well as current global challenges:

Get in touch for legal advice relating to divorce.

Workers’ Compensation Podcasts

Workers’ compensation is a topical issue this year, with many people facing financial loss and complications due to COVID-19.

In our legal podcast, we explored how COVID-19 has affected workers compensation practices and laws.

Contact us to discuss your workers compensation case.

Legal Podcasts on Trending Issues

Our podcasts also address trending and topical issues to provide current and accurate information to our listeners. This season we covered the following topics and more:

Explore more legal podcasts from JGL Law.

Speak with Our Expert Lawyers

If any of the topics outlined above pertain to you, get in touch; we can help with legal advice. Our attorneys professionally navigate the complexities of workplace and family law. Contact us today with a brief description of the issue you face and we’ll contact you to schedule a consultation with the most appropriate legal expert.

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