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AACPS Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million in Consent Decree Settling Bowen Levy Lawsuit

“The estate of Bowen Levy and the Anne Arundel County Board of Education entered into a consent decree Wednesday under which the system will pay $2.5 million, implement a Pica Safety Protocol and provide special education substitute staff vacancy data quarterly to the family of a student who died after choking on a disposable glove at school.” 

The consent decree addresses the chronic staffing shortages in special education and lack of supervision which led to Bowen’s tragic and unnecessary death. The Levy Family filed this suit to make sure no other child is placed at risk like Bowen was.  They will work vigorously to enforce the consent decree to make sure special education programs in the county are properly staffed and supervised and safe for all children.”

JGL attorneys representing the Levy Family are Tim Maloney, Matt Bryant and Alyse Prawde

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Capital Gazette, May 5th 2022: Anne Arundel County schools agrees to pay $2.5 million in consent decree settling Bowen Levy lawsuit – Capital Gazette

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