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Anticipation of 2019 alimony tax changes gets attention of The Daily Record and Jeffrey Greenblatt.

Alimony is getting a new look in 2019 and it’s getting a lot of attention now- including the front cover of The Daily Record. Joseph Greenwald & Laake attorney Jeffrey Greenblatt’s perspective of the new 2019 alimony law is used throughout the article. “There is a benefit to getting divorced this year because next year the playing field is going to change,” said Jeffrey N. Greenblatt. The new law will remove any and all federal tax deductions for alimony payments effective January 1st, 2019. Many legal experts believe there will be a rush to get divorced this year in anticipation of the change having a seemingly large financial impact for all divorces involving alimony. Greenblatt goes on to say, “I think it’s going to be harder to get as much alimony. There is no benefit to the payor.”

For more than 43 years, Jeffrey N. Greenblatt has focused exclusively on representing individuals in complex, emotionally-charged family law matters in Maryland. Jeffrey has extensive trial experience and has negotiated out-of-court resolution experience in every type of family law dispute that impacts his clients’ lives.

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