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Brian Markovitz discusses contested sexual harassment cases with Society of Human Resource Management

JGL Brian Markovitz sat down with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to discuss sexual harassment cases when there is a “he said/she said” stalemate. Asking open-ended questions, checking evidence and questioning the accused are just some of the tactics discussed. Markovitz, a seasoned attorney in labor and employment law, emphasizes the importance of actively listening to both sides of an argument. “Never comment on the validity of statements being made in interviews,” Markovitz explains and that “while it is necessary to stress the importance of honesty in these interviews, it’s also important to make the person being interviewed feel comfortable enough to talk. “It’s a delicate balance,” Markovitz concludes.

Markovitz is a principal in the firm’s Labor and Employment and Civil Litigation practice groups and focuses primarily on helping victims who have suffered severe injustice in the workplace. His clients span numerous industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals and construction. He represents individuals nationally in complex employment litigation and appellate matters involving wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination.

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