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Brian Markovitz discusses workplace law and how employers can manage March Madness with Law360

NCAA’s March Madness is a time of athletic competition and excitement nationwide. JGL principal Brian Markovitz shares his perspective on how employers can manage their employees during this (seemingly distracting) time with Law360. From providing office pools to allowing free time to watch the game(s),employers have the chance to make this tournament a positive experience for all. Markovitz says, “I think you’ll get more in return from being cool about it than from being draconian.” He continues to say, “If someone’s a die-hard fan of some team and [they’re] going to play at a certain time, you should give them some leave and let them do it.” According to most in this article, with modern technology like smartphones and the Internet, to embrace the tournament could be more beneficial and less distracting than to fight it. To read the entire article, click on the image below.

In his practice, Markovitz serves clients from a variety of industries including government, construction, healthcare, and many more. His clients trust him to help them during their most desperate times, and they appreciate his dedication to correcting injustices that have a tremendous impact on their lives. Markovitz brings an individualized and holistic approach to every case, taking into account each client’s distinct needs and goals in resolving the dispute. His goal isn’t just to win the case – it’s also about helping each client in every way he can.

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