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Brian Markovitz sits down with Inside Counsel to discuss the recent wave of sexual harassment claims dominating the news.

In the interview Markovitz details the differences between sex-based and sexual harassment claims.  Markovitz thinks some harassment claims must pass difficult legal tests before they can even bring the case to court. He’d like to see this change. As for how to put an end to the problem of sexual harassment, Markovitz said, “By raising better sons, I find that training does very little to help. Harassers know what they are doing is wrong but don’t care. So, it is important for companies to fire people, no matter who they are, when it is shown that they harassed somebody. Since harassment is about power, it is important for companies to take that power away.”

Brian Markovitz is a principal in JGL’s Labor and Employment and Civil Litigation practice groups, and focuses on helping victims who have suffered severe injustices in the workplace. He represents individuals in complex employment litigation and appellate matters involving wrongful termination, retaliation by employers in response to reporting fraud or misconduct and discrimination on the basis on race, gender, age and sexual orientation.

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