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Brian Markovitz talks to the Society Of Human Resource Management about the challenges of March Madness


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has written an article about the NCAA’s March Madness event and its potential impacts within the workplace. Although this is an exciting time for many college basketball fans, employers should be cautious when the games begin to involve their offices and employees. It is not uncommon for office pools, bets and communal viewing of the games to happen during the series of games. And, often times, these activities can actually boost morale among employees. Yet, it is important for employers to be sensitive and aware of possible inefficiency, religious objections and financial concerns among those who are asked to participate. In fact, JGL principal Brian Markovitz advises that “…if a company wants to be completely safe, it shouldn’t give out any prizes.” To read the article in its entirety, please click here:

SHRM is the largest HR professional society in the world, representing members from over 165 different countries, with 575 affiliated chapters in the United States, China, India and United Arab Emirates. They aim to provide resources for the HR professional including expertise and educational materials.

Brian Markovitz serves clients from a variety of industries including government, construction, healthcare, and many more. His clients trust him to help them during their most desperate times, and they appreciate his dedication to correcting injustices that have a tremendous impact on their lives. Markovitz brings an individualized and holistic approach to every case, taking into account each client’s distinct needs and goals in resolving the dispute. His goal isn’t just to win the case – it’s also about helping each client in every way he can.

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