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Brian Markovitz weighs in on new DOJ whistleblower memo in Law360

A recently unveiled Department of Justice memo discussed circumstances in which the government should consider dismissing False Claims Act cases brought by whistleblowers. Markovitz, as well as many other prominent attorneys from across the country, gave their thoughts on the memo’s implications in Law360. As a fierce advocate for whistleblowers, Markovitz expressed disappointment with the memo. He stated, “This is a very disappointing development. The process unfortunately could lend itself to political influence, which should not be what the Justice Department is about.” To read the full article click the image below. 

In his practice, Markovitz serves clients from a variety of industries including government, construction, healthcare, and many more. His clients trust him to help them during their most desperate times, and they appreciate his dedication to correcting injustices that have a tremendous impact on their lives. Markovitz brings an individualized and holistic approach to every case, taking into account each client’s distinct needs and goals in resolving the dispute. His goal isn’t just to win the case – it’s also about helping each client in every way he can.


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