CBS Moneywatch Quotes Brian Markovitz on Supreme Court Case

October 13, 2014

Following oral arguments from Amazon’s contract warehouse workers on Friday, CBS Moneywatch’s Erik Sherman, contacted Brian Markovitz for comment on the U.S. Supreme Court case, Integrity Staffing Solutions Inc. v. Busk.

In the article, Why Amazon is nervous about Supreme Court case, Markovitz draws a parallel between mandatory on-call responsibilities and the mandatory security screenings in the Amazon case. If workers are beholden to their employers for time when they’re on call, can they still do things on their own? He states, “I don’t see them as being free to do their own personal activities. It’s something they have to go through. It’s a close call on this.”

In the case currently before the Supreme Court, Amazon warehouse workers (Busk) are requesting their contracting firm (Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc.) compensate them for time they are required to spend at the end of the day waiting in line for mandatory security screenings.