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Celebrating over 120 years of the Bar Association Of Montgomery County

On May 4th, representatives from Joseph, Greenwald & Laake and their colleagues attended the 124th Annual Meeting & Law Day Celebration hosted by the Bar Association of Montgomery County. The yearly event serves as an opportunity for lawyers, judges and paralegals from different firms and industries to socialize in an informal environment. The event, held at the Bethesda North Marriott Conference Center, consisted of a wide variety of speakers and topics. In the morning, presentations included information on how to obtain privileged and protected documents, using mindfulness in lawyering and strategies of trial law from four family law legends. It also included presentations on immigration law, intellectual property, elder law and legal ethics. Following a short break, a lunch program included a keynote address by Rod J. Rosenstein, the United States Deputy Attorney General.

The Bar Association of Montgomery County is dedicated to providing educational material for legal professionals as well as the general public, through a variety of workshops and online resources. The association is also supports various charity associations and provides pro bono legal services to the community.


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