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Civil Rights Case Filed Against the United States of America and the United States Secret Service

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On April 10, 2024 JGL Principal Drew LaFramboise filed a civil rights case on behalf of the Estate of Gordon Casey against The United States of America, the U.S. Secret Service, and individual U.S. Secret Service employees and officers.

The lawsuit alleges that Gordon Casey, age 19, was shot to death on April 20, 2022, by officers of the U.S. Secret Service in the backyard of the Peruvian Ambassador’s residence in Northwest Washington, DC. Mr. Casey was unarmed and holding only a decorative “Tiki Torch” when he was shot to death. The complaint, which you can read here, alleges violations of Mr. Casey’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, as well as assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent training and supervision, and wrongful death.

View the complaint here (PDF)

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