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David Bulitt writes commentary piece for The Daily Record Family Law

David Bulitt, JGL principal, takes a blended personal and professional approach to discussing the opioid epidemic with The Daily Record. Bulitt, a guest columnist for the Family Law edition of The Daily Record, provided a detailed look at the increasing drug abuse issues and how it is being addressed in Maryland.

Bulitt shares, “As both a family law practitioner and a parent who has a child with an opioid addiction, I have for many years had a front-row seat to the damage that drugs can do to a family. Some years ago, we would encounter opioid addiction in a divorce case only occasionally. However, as the scope of this epidemic has grown in Maryland, so has its prevalence in child custody, divorce and other family law matters.”

Bulitt discusses various steps that Maryland’s state courts have taken to provide appropriate services to people who are coping with opioid addiction, such as the Adult Opiate Recovery Court in Harford County, which is the first special docket in the state designed specifically for individuals facing opioid-related criminal charges.

To read the full article, click on the Daily Record Family Law logo below.

David Bulitt focuses his practice on complex family law cases, helping clients in Maryland and Washington, DC, through difficult times, including divorces, custody battles and other contentious domestic conflicts.  Clients regard David as both a skilled negotiator at the mediation table and as a staunch advocate in the courtroom.  David is also the author of two popular books of fiction.


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