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Debora Fajer-Smith attends GAM Senate hearing

Joseph Greenwald & Laake attorney Debora Fajer-Smith attended a Maryland Legislative Senate House Oversight Committee for Workers Compensation Senate hearing on Monday, Dec. 4. During the hearing, Debora discussed and questioned legislation that introduced to bring State Correctional Officers under the same realm of all public safety positions.

She also introduced legislation involving the case of Buckler v. Willett Construction Company (1996), where Jurist Irma Raker indicated that temporary total disability and temporary partial disability were never defined in Maryland statutes. Debora argued that these definitions must be defined to allow workers with multiple jobs to receive pay from all in the case of an injury.

To view the full video, click here.

Debora Fajer-Smith is the chair of JGL’s Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Group. She has nearly 30 years of experience in being a passionate advocate for her clients’ rights. She is the only woman plaintiff attorney in Maryland with national recognition, and has gained a reputation as a formidable courtroom opponent and excellent negotiator. 

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