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Family Law Magazine features Jeffrey Greenblatt’s “Gray Divorce” article online

His article, published online Aug. 21, advises family lawyers on factors to take into consideration when clients are considering divorce later in life. 

Steering away from simply the business of the matter, Greenblatt uses his article to delve into the emotional side effects of gray divorce, too. In the article, he recognizes that while divorce at any age is difficult, divorce over 50 comes with many more issues, especially when a couple has spent years growing a nest egg as a married couple. Greenblatt provides descriptions of issues including tax liability, retirement savings, alimony and social security, in order to give family lawyers a good idea of what to expect in these types of cases. 

Jeffrey Greenblatt has over 43 years of experience representing individuals in complex, emotionally-charged family law matters in Maryland. He has a strong emphasis in areas such as divorce, alimony, child custody and protective orders, and is a compassionate advocate for each one of his clients. 

Family Lawyer Magazine is an online portal that helps United States and Canada family lawyers excel in their practices. Contributing lawyers to the magazine’s publication share their best practices, allowing others to learn and grow their own personal and professional lives.

You can find the article here: 

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