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Jamerra Cherry testifies in support of Bill SB 832

On March 13th, Senior paralegal Jamerra Cherry testified in front of a House-Hearing before the Environment & Transportation in support of Bill 832. This Maryland House bill aims to provide Baltimore city residents some reprieve when it comes to renting in the city. Specifically, with the passing of this bill, there will be an extension from the 5th to the 14th day after filing of a certain complaint when a certain individual may be ordered to appear in court in a certain repossession action in Baltimore City. Additionally, this bill will require a court to reschedule a certain hearing and a sheriff to refund certain fees if the sheriff is unable to serve a certain summons in Baltimore City under certain circumstances.

“My main purpose of testifying in support of Bill 832 is to provide city renters more support and time to respond to issues that arise with the property,” says Jamerra. “When it comes to where people call home, the residents deserve respect.” JGL is proud of Jamerra’s work to help others and will continue to monitor her success. 


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