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Jay Holland sits down with Reuters Legal Current to discuss the dangers of emoji-use in the workplace

Instant messaging has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to facilitate communication and collaboration. With these informal shorthand communication methods has come the rise of the pictographic characters known as emoji. While emoji can generally be a fun way for people to communicate, many lawyers are now encouraging employees to keep them out of business communication. 

Emoji-use can be misconstrued between multiple parties, and sometimes, the meaning of a particular emoji can change depending on the context and culture in which it’s used. It can also create problems in terms of workplace misunderstandings, in terms of areas like gender and race, that could potentially lead to legal issues down the line. In this podcast, Jay discusses that, and encourages the use of emoji-awareness seminars to educate employers and employees on the potential legal dangers of this type of informal communication.

To hear the full podcast, click here.

Jay Holland is the chair of Joseph Greenwald & Laake’s Labor, Employment and Qui Tam Whistleblower practice. He is a renowned employment and qui tam litigator known for taking on tough cases and achieving exceptional results. 

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