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JGL, Ayuda, Catholic Charities and the DMV Immigration Alliance come together to help others.

A team from JGL galvanized this past Sunday to volunteer time and energy to assist those in our community facing immigration challenges. On Sunday, March 4, 2018, JGL partnered with Ayuda, Catholic Charities, and the DMV Immigration Alliance to host an Immigration Consultation Clinic in Silver Spring. The Clinic comes at a particularly critical time for Maryland’s immigration population, especially those affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

JGL’s Maritza Carmona organized the JGL team, which included volunteer attorneys and staff interpreters conducting intake interviews with walk-in clients seeking advice on a broad array of immigration issues. Attorneys then consulted with experienced immigration attorneys, and provided legal advice to the clients regarding their options. Some 50 clients were served at this clinic. JGL has a strong commitment to access to justice. “JGL is proud to participate in pro bono events, such as this Immigration and Consultation Clinic, which can help those in our community desperately in need of sound legal advice and options,” said JGL’s Veronica Nannis.

In addition to providing volunteer attorneys and staff members, JGL also catered the event. Participating JGL attorneys included Veronica Nannis, Maritza Carmona, Alyse Prawde, Lauren Agresi, and Brenda Adimora. Staff member Vanessa Hernandez also participated as a volunteer Spanish interpreter.

JGL Principal Veronica Nannis was recently appointed to Ayuda’s Board of Directors. Ayuda is an organization solely focused on serving clients in the DMV by providing free legal work, social work and language access services to immigrants from 104 countries, 70 percent of whom are Spanish-speaking.

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