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JGL Endorses Early Care and Education as part of Montgomery Moving Forward Initiative.

On January 28th, Joseph Greenwald & Laake’s Executive Committee officially endorsed the Early Care and Education agenda brought forward by Montgomery Moving Forward (MMF), an initiative of Nonprofit Montgomery. MMF is an initiative committed to strategic action and innovative solutions within the county. MMF hosted a kick-off event for it’s Early Care and Education Call to Action on January 31st at the Marriott International Hotel in Bethesda.  JGL was present at this event.

In an official letter to MMF, JGL states “We are in agreement that early care and education for children ages zero to five is of critical importance to the economic vitality of Montgomery County.” The letter continues with stating the JGL Executive Committee believes this goal “will attract and retain a talented workforce by supporting families of young children, and will also ensure a skilled workforce of tomorrow by addressing the growing opportunity gap.”

In Montgomery County, there are 67,000 children under the age of five. At present, 49 percent of those children entering the school system are not ready to begin, causing a large economic impact in the future. MMF envisions a community in which every family with young children will have access to high-quality and affordable Early Care and Education. It also envisions that every child will be ready for kindergarten and beyond, and that employers will be able to attract and retain skilled and productive workers.

JGL Is excited to work with Montgomery Moving Forward and is proud to endorse the Early Care and Education agenda.

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