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JGL hosts MSBA Executive Director Victor Velasquez

Debora Fajer Smith spearheaded the effort to bring Velasquez to Greenbelt for a lunch meeting on August 30th. Patrick Tandy, director of communications for the MSBA, attended the meeting, too. Velasquez addressed approximately 20 partners, associates and law clerks, using the theme of ‘change’ to discuss ongoing evolution within the MSBA. 

Velasquez stressed that the MSBA needs to “show up more often within the state,” by providing more networking and learning activities in conjunction with county bar associations. He encouraged members to join an MSBA committee, and stressed that the association will be even more present locally. 

JGL founding member Walter Laake and managing director Burt Kahn both participated in the discussion. 

Laake suggested that each educational session at the annual MSBA convention be taped and recorded to be shared with members across all available technology platforms. Kahn asked if the MSBA can leverage the buying power in its 25,000 members into cost-effective programs for the individual members and firms.


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