JGL Vijay Mani is recognized as Senior Counsel

in Labor & Employment, Whistleblower (False Claims Act) June 30th, 2018

Joseph, Greenwald & Laake attorney Vijay Mani was recently elected as a JGL senior counsel and The Daily Record has recognized this in a formal announcement. Vijay is an attorney in the Qui Tam litigation and Labor/Employment Law practice groups. This honor comes as a result of Vijay’s committed work in defending whistleblowers who report their employers’ illicit activities at tremendous risk to themselves.

In their reporting on Vijay’s new position, The Daily Record noted that Vijay “frequently advocates on behalf of whistleblowers in claims against government contractors who have committed fraud.”

Vijay also represents employees throughout Maryland and Washington, DC who suffer workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliatory practices, unequal pay and unlawful termination. He also has experience working directly with vulnerable communities; before he began practicing law, he worked with children infected with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, DC area. His experiences both inside and outside of the legal system have made him uniquely positioned to deal with labor disputes compassionately and effectively.

Congratulations again, Mani!

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