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Jury Awards $800,000 Verdict in Montgomery County

On August 26, 2021, a jury in Montgomery County returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiffs.  The case involved the death of their mother, Yvonne Napoleon, after traumatic removal of a feeding tube at Oakview SNF, LLC in Silver Spring.  The nurse failed to follow orders and apply a protective abdominal binder to keep the feeding tube securely in place and prevent it from being removed.

Ms. Napoleon was 76 years old and had been diagnosed with advanced dementia.  As a result of the nursing home’s negligence, she vomited and aspirated her stomach contents into her lungs and also suffered a hole in her stomach resulting in peritonitis. Oakview refused to take responsibility for the negligence and insisted the vomiting and aspiration was a “natural consequence” of dementia and the hole in her stomach had nothing to do with her illness and death.  The Jury awarded $800,000 to the estate of Yvonne Napoleon and to her sons for pain and suffering, in addition to the medical bills incurred.

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