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Maryland-National Capital Park Police Racial Harassment Lawsuit

Joseph Greenwald and Laake PA civil rights lawyers Jay P. Holland and Erika Jacobsen White represent Officer Mark Miles in his claims of racism against the Maryland-National Capital Park Police.

Sergeant Stephanie Harvey, and other white officers on his squad repeatedly made racist, hateful, and offensive comments with impunity, which Defendant Harvey encouraged and participated in. Defendant Harvey referred to Officer Miles as “half-colored,” and stated, “They want a race war…ok lets go. Miles ur on our side…at least half of u is!” Defendant Harvey stated about a race war, “Im ready. I need more ammo though[,]” and in reference to her own conduct stating, “[D]on’t turn these texts over to [Internal Affairs] and get me fired for hate speech!”

Media Coverage:

Atlanta Black Star:

‘Did Nothing Wrong Other Than Walking Through a Park’: Maryland Cop Pulls Taser and Gun, Pepper Sprays Black Embassy Officer In Uniform Before Arresting Him for Impersonation (

Washington Post:


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