Megan Benevento testifies in support of two child sexual abuse prevention bills

in Civil Litigation March 7th, 2018

JGL attorney Megan Benevento was invited by the Maryland State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect to testify in support of two child sexual abuse prevention bills, HB 1072 and HB 1571, due to her high involvement with two recent child abuse cases involving the Harbour School at Baltimore and Sylvania Woods Elementary School. Megan testified before the Maryland legislature’s House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday, March 1, 2018. Both bills will assist in the prevention of child abuse within the school system. Specifically, bill HB 1072 will implement annual instruction and training on the prevention, identification and reporting of child sexual abuse. While bill HB 1571 will focus on the employment process of those within the school system. “These cases were 100% preventable and it is time that we look to our legislators to cure the systemic failures in our education system that enable this abuse to occur,” says Benevento. 

Megan Benevento is a civil litigation lawyer and dedicated advocate with deep experience in protecting and enforcing the rights of children, parents, and other individuals who are victims of the system. She handles a broad range of civil rights and general litigation matters before state and federal courts throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area, including police brutality, child abuse, domestic abuse, significant personal injury, litigation, professional and malpractice, and class action fraud litigation.




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