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Montgomery County Nonpublic School Federal Court Hearing Cancelled

GREENBELT, Md., Aug. 10, 2020 — The preliminary injunction hearing scheduled for this Friday in Federal court has been cancelled by United States District Court judge George J. Hazel at the request of the parties.

“The County Health Officer’s rescission of his latest closure order eliminates the need for any emergency hearing,” said Timothy F. Maloney, attorney for the plaintiffs.  “The case will remain pending as we see how the County Health Officer treats religious and private schools going forward.”

“Now is not the time for litigation but for cooperation,” said Maloney. “Schools and parents seek to collaborate with the County Health Officer as they make safe reopening decisions.” 

“Nonpublic schools have invested extraordinary resources in their reopening plans.  Each has made independent decisions appropriate to their own circumstances, including classroom instruction, hybrid learning and remote learning, consistent with CDC and State health guidelines.  We believe the County Health Officer will be impressed by the extraordinary investment and planning undertaken by these schools, and their commitment to the safety of the community.”

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