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Reza Golesorkhi Weighs in on Alimony Reform recently published an article that examines how U.S. states are dealing with alimony reform: Why Protecting Your Assets In the Event of Divorce Just Got More Critical. JGL’s family law attorney, Reza Golesorkhi, weighed in on reforms sweeping the country and how Maryland’s divorce laws favor rehabilitative alimony.

With the divorce rate on the rise and states amending their divorce laws, it’s becoming increasingly important for individuals to protect their assets before entering into a marriage. Despite the evolving traditional American family model, some states haven’t yet updated their alimony laws, while others have perhaps gone too far. Golesorkhi discusses a progressive approach to alimony reform that takes into consideration today’s modern family.

If you’re facing a divorce in Maryland or have questions regarding alimony reform, feel free to email Reza Golesorkhi at or call our office at 877-412-7429.

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