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Tim Maloney gives his perspective of the Maryland Democratic primary election-law case to The Daily Record

Maryland’s democratic primary election is quickly approaching but not without some interesting legal distractions. Valerie Ervin had been the running mate of Kevin Kamenetz in a tightly contested Democratic primary. When Kamenetz died unexpectedly, Ervin replaced him as a candidate for governor. In light of that, Ervin sought a court order requiring reprinted or altered ballots for the primary so as to have her name placed on the ballot as a gubernatorial candidate. A judge denied that request, and Ervin is considering an appeal. Joseph, Greenwald & Laake principal Timothy F. Maloney spoke with The Daily Record about this unusual situation.

Maloney, who frequently litigates election law issues, shared that lawsuits like Ervin’s face nearly insurmountable challenges. “These challenges almost always fail. The loser has to prove not only that a violation of election law occurred, but that the violation more than likely changed the outcome. That’s a big hill to climb,” states Maloney.

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Maloney is a preeminent trial lawyer who has obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for his clients in a wide variety of matters, including civil rights, employment discrimination, whistleblower actions and high-stakes business litigation. He is a committed advocate for the public good who has held leadership roles with many civic and charitable organizations.

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