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Veronica Nannis Speaks on Free Speech In The Corporate Sector

Principal Veronica Nannis recently sat down with IPWatchdog to discuss freedom of speech in the private sector. Following the recent dismissal of Google employee, James Damore, who released a statement criticizing Google’s diversity initiatives, Nannis attempted to clear up some of the confusion surrounding free speech in the workplace.

The statement in question cited biological differences such as, “neuroticism” as one of the reasons why there are so few women in the technology sector. Google terminated Damore a few short days later, after the media had shed its critical light on the company.

As a member of JGL’s civil litigation department, Nannis has over 10 years of experience in qui tam, or whistleblower, law and litigation. In the article she discusses topics such as employee rights in at-will states, the limits of censorship and anti-retaliation law.

To read the article in full, click the image below.

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