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Washington DC Police Officer Wins Employment Discrimination Case

JGL employment attorney, Brian Markovitz, spoke to Fox News yesterday regarding a recent religious and military discrimination case involving a DC police officer. As a practicing catholic and former marine, Officer Joe Tridico was subjected to daily harassment from his co-workers and superiors.

Representing Tridico, Markovitz describes the workplace harassment his client endured while serving in the Washington DC police’s Sixth District department. After praying and making the sign of the cross one day before lunch, he was subsequently mocked by his sergeant who shouted, “Look at him. That’s why he’s so weird. He believes in that weirdo Jesus sh%^.” Markovitz explains that the name calling “morphed itself into a nickname for him, which became ‘weirdo’ and they just continually called him that, and that was a direct reference to his faith and it was triggered by him praying.”

The workplace harassment persisted and “at one point, they hung up a picture of the Pope, John Paul II, right next to his desk and put the word ‘weirdo’ over it” said Markovitz.

The jury found that Tridico was retaliated against by the Sixth District department after reporting the harassment to his superiors. As Markovitz explains, “they essentially didn’t do anything to help him, and what they did eventually is they transferred him to another unit and left the individuals who were harassing him in place.”

Officer Tridico was awarded $20,000 and “was very pleased.  He’s glad he got some vindication,” said Markovitz. 

Since leaving the Sixth District department, Tridico has been transferred and promoted. He now serves in the Third District detective unit.

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