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Cary Hansel to Appear in Investigation Discovery Documentary

On Sunday, November 23rd, Investigation Discovery channel will air “Fit to Kill,” a documentary that tells the story behind the violent death of fitness fanatic, Donna Zinetti. When her husband, Keith Longtin, was falsely charged with her murder, Joseph Greenwald & Laake represented Longtin in recovering the highest verdict ever affirmed by Maryland’s highest court in a civil rights matter. 

During the investigation, police interrogated Longtin without sleep or sufficient food for almost two days. When he continued to maintain his innocence, police falsified his confession and ignored DNA evidence clearing him. As a result, Mr. Longtin was jailed for 8 months for a crime he didn’t commit. During that time, Keith missed his wife’s funeral, his friends and family were all falsely told he had confessed, and he was evicted from his apartment, losing all of his belongings when they were put out on the curb. Longtin’s very strong faith carried him through the ordeal and he was eventually freed based on DNA evidence.  

A serial rapist whose DNA matched that recovered from the victim was later convicted. One of the great tragedies of the case was that the police ignored information pointing to the serial rapist in order to focus on Longtin instead. This allowed the rapist to remain free and rape six other women before he was eventually caught. The successful Joseph Greenwald & Laake trial team included Timothy F. Maloney, Steven B. Vinick and Cary J. Hansel. 

Tune in to Investigation Discovery at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on November 23rd to see the full story.

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