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David Bulitt discusses divorce and the special-needs child

David Bulitt was recently featured in Maryland’s The Daily Record, Family Law magazine discussing divorce and the special-needs child. As a family law attorney, Bulitt not only represents parents in child custody cases, but also acts as a best interest attorney for children in divorce cases. 

Discussing the added complexity of divorce cases involving special-needs children, Bulitt explains, “Regardless of their age, these kids have very, very difficult times adjusting to change, and very difficult times moving back and forth. If you don’t really understand or take the time to listen to your clients or do a little research, you’re going to be doing this kid a great disservice.” 

In the article, Bulitt highlights the importance of parents coming to an agreement with a solid parenting plan that provides adequate structure for the special-needs child. Before a parenting plan can be determined, parents need to agree on the basic elements of the child’s everyday life. Bulitt also addresses the lawyer’s role in educating a judge about a child’s particular need in the event that the case ends up in court.

Bulitt goes on to address aspects of a successful mediation process and the balance between the divorcing parents’ wishes and the needs of the child. 

The full article can be found online. If you would like to contact David Bulitt, he can be reached at

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