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Jeffrey Greenblatt explores considerations for same-sex prenups

In a recent article for The Daily Record, family lawyer, Jeffrey Greenblatt discusses the role of prenuptial agreements for same-sex couples. With the ongoing upheaval in laws governing same-sex relationships, it’s crucial for people to understand the implications of family law prior to committing to a same-sex marriage. Greenblatt explains, “For example, differences in and definitions for eligibility for employment benefits, child custody, and grounds for divorce are just a few areas of the law that same-sex couples will need to consider when entering marriages.”

Greenblatt raises important issues for same-sex couples to consider before marriage, including employment benefits, child custody and grounds for divorce. Despite a rapidly changing landscape for same-sex couples, it’s still possible to draft a prenuptial agreement that will be enforceable in the future should it come into play.   

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