Investigations and Grand Jury Proceedings

Investigations and Grand Jury Proceedings

Maryland Grand Jury Proceedings Lawyers

Grand jury proceedings are a powerful way for prosecutors to gather information about sex crimes, white collar crimes and other types of fraud. Through grand juries, state and federal prosecutors have the opportunity to subpoena witnesses into testifying and gaining more information about their involvement with a crime. If you received notice that you are under investigation by a grand jury or were subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, obtain experienced legal help immediately.

At Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A., our firm's federal criminal defense attorneys offer extensive experience handling grand jury proceedings and criminal investigations. Our law firm's 40-year history has helped us gain a clear understanding of state and federal grand jury proceedings. We know how to effectively counsel witnesses and defendants on grand jury defense matters.

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Handling Grand Jury Proceedings

Our firm's Maryland grand jury proceeding attorneys skillfully represent clients before grand juries accused of committing serious offenses, such as:

In addition to traditional police investigations, grand jury proceedings are used to indict a suspect based on a probable cause that he or she committed the crime. Prosecutors have the power to decide which witnesses will be called to testify, question the witnesses and have the control to determine if immunity will be granted. The prosecutor then presents the case to the grand jury. After the grand jury deliberates in secret, the grand jury will conclude if the prosecution established a probable cause to believe the accused committed the crime.

At Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A., our firm's defense lawyers know how to effectively handle grand jury proceedings so jurors hear more than the version of facts presented by the prosecution. We are skilled investigators prepared to illustrate any false or contradictory evidence obtained against you. Part of our role includes demonstrating any evidence that would be in your favor. We will also seek to call any witnesses to testify on your behalf. If we are able to secure a favorable decision in a grand jury proceeding, the case against you will be over.

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