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Even if you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime and are incarcerated, you have civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution and its amendments.

What Do Prisoners’ Rights Entail?

Prisoners’ rights include the right to humane facilities and conditions – including that housing, nourishment, clothing and medical services are provided for in reasonable ways. The right to be free from sexual crimes. The right to be free from racial segregation. The right to express condition complains. Prisoners should be given the opportunity for work and for reasonable exercise and recreation. A prisoner’s right to privacy should be protected as much as possible, and means provided to prevent abuses of power by both prison personnel and other inmates.

Understanding Inmate Rights under the 8th Amendment

The Eighth Amendment provides prisoners with limited rights of protection against cruel and unusual punishment during their confinement. Such rights extend to the existence of humane living conditions, adequate medical care, access to courts and an attorney, as well as legal aid if necessary, and protection from violence by other inmates.

Examples of Inmate Abuse

Most inmate abuse involves harsh and unethical behavior by correctional personnel such as inmate abuse, inappropriate relationships with inmates, the introduction of contraband, and financial improprieties. Imposing arbitrary punishments, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, destructing property, using pepper spray, and assault are the most often reported violations of prisoners’ rights.

Recourse for Violations of Prisoners’ Rights

If staff or officials have been denying rights in prison, reach out to a criminal defense attorney immediately for assistance. You can take action for injunctive and monetary recourse.

Work with a Maryland Prisoners’ Rights Attorney

When you have suffered from police brutality you should consult with an experienced Maryland prisoners’ rights attorney as soon as possible.

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