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Wrongful convictions are the product of a racist criminal justice system. Innocent Americans of color are seven times more likely than white Americans to be falsely convicted of serious crimes. Though Black people comprise only 13.6% of the American population, they account for a staggering 53% of exonerations.

Defining Wrongful Conviction

When a person is convicted of a crime they did not commit, itis called a wrongful conviction. Two types of wrongful convictions exist – one is when a person is factually innocent of the crime, and the other is when procedural errors violate the convicted person’s rights.

Why does Wrongful Conviction Occur?

The most common causes of wrongful convictions include, eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, faulty forensics (“junk science”), ineffective lawyers, police & prosecutorial misconduct, and unreliable and paid informants.

Recourse for Wrongful Convictions in Maryland

In Maryland, there have been 35 cases across six jurisdictions where individuals were found to be wrongfully convicted1. Recognizing the gravity of this issue, House Bill 249 was introduced to encourage investigations into such cases. There are various means available to pursue financial compensation in Maryland. It is best that you discuss options with an experienced wrongful conviction attorney.

Understanding Maryland’s Conviction Integrity Division

The Maryland Conviction Integrity Division oversees county conviction integrity programs that consist of four sub-units: Conviction Integrity Program (“CIP”), Sentencing Review Program (“SRP”), Violations of Probation (“VOP”), and Civil Administrative (“OAH”). The mission of the CIU is to ensure the integrity of post-trial outcomes.

If You Have Been Wrongly Accused, Consult a Maryland Wrongful Conviction Attorney

When you have suffered a wrongful conviction you should consult with an experienced Maryland criminal attorney as soon as possible.

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